Volunteers Needed -Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of volunteering in non-profit organizations are "Life Inspiring". Volunteers needed and we encourage you to contact us if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a "helping part" of our organization. We are looking for others with various experience to help us to raise funds, help with the website upkeep, help with programs, interact with new believers, plan and direct Christian Fellowship outings to those confined to homes. Volunteer opportunities for teens are offered and needed in community service. and more! We desperately need the donation of a "physical building or house" that we can fix up and call it a "Home for the Found!" We need to establish a permanent sanctuary for our meetings and gatherings. A place anyone can feel safe to come to and be wanted and loved. A place to bring others who want to know Jesus, are just getting to know him and for those who already have a relationship with him to share with others. This will not be a living facility, but a worship Sanctuary.